• Dr. Prakash Modha

    MB, Master Of Chirurgiae, MPhil, NuroSurgeon.

    Dr Prakash Modha
  • Dr. Tejas Motivaras

    Doctor of Medicine Intensive.

    Dr Tejas Motivaras
  • Dr. Digvijaysign Jadeja

    Doctor of Medicine Intensive.

    Dr. Digvijaysign Jadeja
  • Dr. Nilesh Thanki


    Dr. Nilesh Thanki
  • Dr. Tejas Karamta

    Doctor of Medicine Intensive.

    Dr. Tejas Karamta

Gokul Critical care

The Critical Care units at Gokul SuperSpeciality Hospitals, Rajkot integrate many specialties and diverse technologies, offering the possibility of survival to patients who are acutely and critically ill. Creating a Critical Care unit that meets international standards is a complex process. This is because Critical Care is a specialty that crosses traditional departmental lines typically seen in hospitals and also draws from a wide range of specialties including Anesthesiology, Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, etc.

Critical Care units represent the apex of technical advancements in medicine. Such units integrate many specialities and diverse technologies, offering the possibility of survival to patients who would otherwise not survive. It is therefore obvious that the role of the Critical Care services is vital and crucial to a tertiary care hospital, as the Critical Care Unit contributes immensely to survival of acutely and critically ill patients.

The Critical Care Unit at the Gokul SuperSpeciality Hospitalare Centres of Excellence in their own right. The Critical Care Unit are designed and managed based on the fact that methodical organisation of Critical Care services influences important overall outcome measures such as mortality, length of stay, infection rates and overall resource utilization. This means that a lot of emphasis is also placed on areas like nurses training, standardizing care through clinical pathways, identification of ethical and economic issues pertaining to Critical Care, managing the in-hospital environment.

We at Gokul Critical Care are providing following Services:

  • Serious Diseases Like Meningitis, Unconsciousnessflds
  • Diseases Related To Lungs, Kidneys, Liver(Jaundice), Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Heart Attack and other Serious diseases related to Heart.flds
  • Patients affected by Snake / Scorpion Poison or any Animal Poisoning and all types of poisoningflds
  • Complications after complicated surgeryflds
  • Any type of critical casesflds
  • Equipped with state of art latest equipments world class critical care unitflds
    • Multipara monitor with CVP, EtCO2, BP NIBPflds
    • World class ventilatorsflds
    • Latest defibrillator (To help in cardiac arrest)flds
    • Central oxygen central suction operation theatreflds
    • Facility of pacemaker (To make heart beating with external aid)flds
  • Echocardiograph, Trade mill testflds
  • Dialysisflds
  • Round the clock pathology, radiology pharmacyflds
  • Medical store with discounted ratesflds
  • Best centre for all type of modern facilities treatmentflds
  • Various health check up plans


  • Vijay vaghela Staff nurse mate apply karel se application hold ma Rachel se please reply
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  • muriben vaviyaroutine check up Appointment of Nurosurgen Dr. Prakash Modha Required
  • kalpesh hello respected sir i want meet dr. prakash modha sir for him old cash of trupti jani porbandar
  • Chandu harji Nakum Visit to Dr. Prakash Modha
  • Girishbhai KeshwalaHello Respected sir I am looking for Maa Yojana Benifits in your hospital. So I want to do my hand hand facture operation. Because of i am lukemia cancer patient. And i already under treatment in wark hardt hospital. And 2 days ago i slipped down by moped. And my right hand injured. And Doctors said to me that you must be hand operation. So i want to do operation so this treatment possible in your hospital. And can i use this benifit by maa yojana in your hospital. Can you gave good advised me. I waiting for your good and kindly reply. Thanking you With Regards Girishbhai keshwala
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